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Dance of Asian America presents professional dance performances for theaters, schools, libraries, hospitals, senior homes, churches, community events universities, festivals and many more. Performances ranges from 15 minutes to full length productions. Each performance includes a wide range of dances from various regions and ethnicities of China and surrounding countries. Each dance uses different costumes unique to its ethnicity, authentic music from its region and award-winning choreography from China. DAA always works to tailor each performance to the needs of the audience and the event.



Dance of Asian America offers professional workshops for schools, camps, libraries and others for students and educators.  Each workshop can specifically tailored to your needs. Please contact us for more information.



Dance of Asian America offers professional training for all ages in ballet, modern, jazz and Chinese dance. 
Contact us for more information on masterclass or on-going classes.



Visit one of our arts partners below or fill out this booking form to request a quote:

(832) 630-5048
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