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Education Programs

​Educational Programs (K-12 and Summer Camps) DAA provides tailored cultural educational programs (30 to 45 minutes) using movements, music, English verbal descriptions, Chinese characters development, cultural costumes and hands-on participation to open the eyes of youths to the lifestyles, customs, history, dialects and traditions of the people of China. China consists of the Hans ethnic majority and 55 ethnic minority groups. DAA will present various classical Chinese dances that are derived from China's ancient Dynasties and the Mainland. DAA will also present numerous Chinese Folk Dances that depicts the culture of the 55 ethnic minorities of China. Each dance will be re-choreographed so it will engage the target age group.  Dances will contain elements vital to learning about that ethnic group as well as amazing artistic techniques that will impress their minds and expand their knowledge of body movements.  Each dance will also be described prior to it being performed so the children will know of what to watch for. The program will also engage kids in hands-on participation on stage and in their seats. This program is designed to wow the children with amazing techniques of Chinese dance, captivate their attention and educate them in a fun and exciting way.  

education programs

Education Partners

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