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Dance of Asian America (DAA) is a not-for-profit organization established in 2001 to promote and preserve the rich cultural heritage of China. DAA’s programming is organized around four initiatives.


(1) PUBLIC PERFORMANCES of "East Meets West", "Splendid CHINA", "Journey through China" and "Destination China" showcase dances from various 56 ethnic groups of China. Each year, DAA stages entirely new repertoire of award-winning dances from China on DAA's professionally trained local dancers. Dances are staged by the award-winning dancers from China as well as DAA's local artistic team. In "East Meets West," DAA dancers collaborate with top-ranking local companies such as Houston Ballet, Ad Deum Dance Company, Revolve Dance Company and others to unite dances from the east and west. In "Splendid CHINA," DAA dancers collaborated with award-winning guest artists from China's top dance companies such as the China Dancers Association, Shanghai Dance Company, Beijing Song and Dance Troupe. "East Meets West" and "Splendid CHINA" are free admission and located at Miller Outdoor Theatre near downtown Houston. "Destination China" and "Journey through China" are large productions that DAA takes on tour to locations such as Spring/Cypress, Galveston, Huntsville and Temple.


(2) EDUCATIONAL PROGRAMS, “Chinese Culture through Dance” and "Learning about China," are designed age appropriately for grades PreK-12 and adult learners and implemented through performances that take place within public and private schools, universities, libraries, summer camps and senior homes. Programs explore culture, traditions and people of the 56 ethnic groups of China through movements, costuming and music of each dance. Hands-on participation, designed for all ages and seniors with disability, is provided for up-close and in-depth explorat ion.


(3)COMMUNITY OUTREACH programs offer high-quality public performances at dance festivals, cultural festivals, museums, hospitals and many other venues. Performances within this category include DAA’s Annual Chinese New Year Series," "Arts in Medicine Series" at The Methodist Hospital, "Dance Houston Festival” and collaborations with Houston Symphony and cultural dance highlights for The Greater Houston Partnership and others.


(4) PROFESSIONAL TRAINING are provided to DAA’s Soloist, Senior, Junior, Apprentice and Youth company members by DAA’s professional staff, guest artists and choreographers. These dancers are accepted into DAA Company through annual open-to-public audition. DAA performers have received 4 to 20 years of professional training in classical ballet, Chinese classical/folk dances and modern dance. DAA enrich the lives of dancers with Chinese cultures and tra ditions embedded in the dances they learn. In turn, these dancers become the ambassadors for the Chinese culture and DAA's mission through their performances.

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